Supporting Roma youth participation, promoting equality of opportunities to participate, and countering the effects of discrimination on young Roma.

Roma Youth Action Plan

Welcome to the website of the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Council of Europe

The Roma Youth Action Plan is a response of the Council of Europe to challenges faced by Roma young people in Europe, particularly in relation to their empowerment, participation in policy decision-making processes and structures at European level, and multiple realities of discrimination.

The Roma Youth Action Plan gives priority to human rights and intercultural dialogue as responses to discrimination and antigypsyism, together with the development and capacity building of Roma youth organisations and movements. Training and capacity building has, thus, an important role in the Roma Youth Action Plan, not only because of what individual Roma youth leaders may learn and develop individually, but also and especially by what they will experience and do together.



19-22 October 2015, European Youth Centre Budapest

The second Roma Youth Conference organised by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe will be held during 19-22 October 2015 at the European Youth Centre Budapest.

In 2011, the first Roma Youth Conference was organised by the Council of Europe, during which Roma youth people, youth leaders, members of international Roma youth networks and other international institutions defined the priorities for the Roma Youth Action Plan. Since then, the Roma Youth Action Plan has included a wide variety of activities, training courses, development of expertise related to the situation of Roma youth, educational manuals, study sessions in co-operation with international youth organisations, study visits at national level, support and funding to Roma youth projects and policy advising activities. The implementation of the Roma Youth Action Plan is led by the Youth Department in close cooperation with Roma youth organisations and other European stakeholders on Roma and youth policies.

The second Roma Youth Conference aims to bring together Roma youth organisations, Roma youth representatives, policy makers and relevant Roma youth stakeholders for taking stock of the results and relevance of the action plan so far and to discuss the future policy orientations and inclusion of Roma youth.

The main objectives of the conference are:

  • To discuss, promote and learn from the Roma Youth Action Plan experiences and practices
  • To promote and enable the participation of young Roma in policy making process at all levels
  • To emphasize the role of Roma youth in fighting antigypsyism
  • To enhance the inclusion of youth matters in policies and programmes dealing with Roma issues and promoting the inclusion of Roma youth issues in youth policies and programmes within the Council of Europe and all relevant stakeholders
  • To shape the future of the Roma Youth Action Plan in coordination with young people in relation to the Council of Europe’s policies and programmes and other relevant Roma and youth stakeholders
  • To analyse the current place of Roma youth issues in regards of the national Roma inclusion policies, such as the National Roma Integration Strategies and other relevant policies.

The working languages of the conference will be English and Romany. Accommodation and travel expenses will be reimbursed according the rules of the Council of Europe.

Detailed information about the conference can be found at the Call for participants in English and Romany.
Application forms must be submitted online through the following link.

The deadline for submitting your application is 20 August at midnight CET.



19-22 Oktobro 2015, Europako Ternengo Centro Budapeshta

E dujto Terne Romengi Konferencija kerdini katar e Europako Konsiloske ka ovel ikerdi katar 19-22 Oktobro 2015 ano Europako Ternengo Centro Budipeshta.

Ko 2011 bersh pali organizacaja katar o Europako Konsilo, sasa organizirimi i avguni Terne Romengi Konferencija, pe savi e terne Roma, ternikane liderura, membrura katar e internacionalno terne Romengere networkondar thaj javera internacionalno institucije, kerdine e prioritetura pe Terne Romengo Akcijako Plano. Vi avutni vrama, e Terne Romengo Akcijako Plano lijas but buhle aktivtetura, trening kursija, buhleder ekspertize vash e terne Romengiri generalno situacija, edukacijakere lila, studijakere sesije ki kooperacija e internacionalno ternikane organizacijencar, studijakere vizite pe nacinalno nivelo, suporto thaj fundiribe vash e terne Romengere projektura, thaj aktivitetija vash dejbe politikano azhutipe. E Terne Romengere Akcijako Planesko implementiribe si legardino katar e Ternikano Departmento ki pashutni kooperacija e Romene ternengere organizacijencar thaj e javera Europakere partneroncar pe Romane thaj ternenengere politike.

E dujto Terne Romengere Konferencijakere cilura si te anen khetane e Romengere ternengere organizacijen, terne Romane reprezentanton thaj relevantno terne Romengere partneron, te shaj te dikhen pes dziakanutne rezultatura thaj planoskeri relevantnost, sar vi te kerel pes diskusija vash avutne orientacije pe politike vash e terne Romageri inkluzija thaj participacija.

E avgune konferecijakere resarina:

  • Te diskutirinen pes, promovirinen thaj te sichol pes kotar e Terne Romengere Akcijakere Planoske experience thaj praktike
  • Te promovirinel thaj te del shajipe e terne Romenge te len participacija pe procesija kote so kerel pes i politika pe sa e nivelura
  • Te vazdel pes e terne Romengiri rola ano maripe mamuj o anticiganizmo
  • Te bajrarel e inkluzija katar e ternengere butja andre ande politike thaj programura save si vash e Romengere problemura, sar vi te promovirinel inkluzija katar e terne Romengere butja ande e ternikane politike thaj programura so kerena pes ande thaj kotar e Europako Konsilo thaj sa e javera relevatno partnerur
  • Pe kerel pes diskusi pali avutni forma a Terne Romengo Akcijako Plano ki koordinacija e terne manushencar thaj ki korelacija e Europake Konsiloskere politike thaj programura, khetane e relevatno romane thaj javera partnerura
  • Te analizirinel pes o akanutno than so lena e terne Romengere butja, ki relacija e nacionalno inkluzijakere politikencar, sar so si e Nacionalno Romane Integracijakere Strategije thaj e javera relevantno politike.

E chiba pe save ka kerel pes buchi ande konferencija si Anglikani thaj Romani chib. O sovibe thaj o habe ka oven pokime kotar e Europako Konsilo thaj e dromske love ka oven dende palpale sar so phenela e Europako Konsileski procedura.

Budeder informacija bashi Konferencija shaj te arakhen pes ande Call for participants ani Anglikani thaj Romani chib. E aplikacije musaj te oven bichaldine online pe palo kodo link

O paluno vakti bichalipaske tumare aplikacijake forme si 20 Augusto 2015, dzi pe dopash rat pala Centralno Europaki Vrama.

Launch of first human rights education manual for young people to combat antigypsyism

The first human rights education manual for young people on combating antigypsyism – racism and discrimination against Roma – was launched on 21 April. The manual – Mirrors - Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education – was made public for the first time at a side event on The Roma between memory and rights, during the Council of Europe’s April Parliamentary Assembly session.

Designed to empower 16 to 30 year olds to tackle individual and institutional racism against Roma, the manual provides educators, teachers, trainers and youth organisations with comprehensive educational activities for groups of all types; those with or without Roma participants, as well as mixed groups.

It has been produced as part of the Council of Europe’s Roma Youth Action Plan to help Roma young people participate in political decision-making and to confront the multiple forms of discrimination they face on a daily basis. The overall aim is to boost the inclusion, participation and standing of Roma in the wider community.

If you wish to receive printed copies of the manual please inform us about your address of delivery, number of copies and contact person (with name, surname and phone number).We will be receiving your orders by 15th May at the following email address denis.durmis[@]

- Mirrors – Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education

- Press release of the event - English / French

- Press release of Fundacion Secretariado Gitano on the occasion of launching of the manual

- Interview with the author Ellie Keen and Advisory Council on Youth representative Ramon Flores

- Advisory Council on Youth representative Ramon Flores interview for the Spanish news agency

- Alsace20 reportage of the launching event of the manual

Advisory Council on Youth statement for the International Roma Day

The Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, representing young people in the member states of the Council of Europe, issued a statement on 8 April celebrating International Roma Day.

Acknowledging and celebrating Romani culture and heritage, the Advisory Council on Youth had also shared their concern regarding the difficult situation faced by many Roma in Europe today, including many young Roma.

They called upon European regional and local authorities and youth structures to support the efforts of young Roma to improve European youth and Roma policies and to provide means and tools for the participation of young Roma as full citizens.