Supporting Roma youth participation, promoting equality of opportunities to participate, and countering the effects of discrimination on young Roma.

Roma Youth Action Plan

Welcome to the website of the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Council of Europe

The Roma Youth Action Plan is a response of the Council of Europe to challenges faced by Roma young people in Europe, particularly in relation to their empowerment, participation in policy decision-making processes and structures at European level, and multiple realities of discrimination.

The Roma Youth Action Plan gives priority to human rights and intercultural dialogue as responses to discrimination and antigypsyism, together with the development and capacity building of Roma youth organisations and movements. Training and capacity building has, thus, an important role in the Roma Youth Action Plan, not only because of what individual Roma youth leaders may learn and develop individually, but also and especially by what they will experience and do together.

Mirrors – Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education

Everyday in Europe, people associated with Roma or Traveller communities are exposed to acts of discrimination and exclusion on a scale that has stopped shocking people and institutions. Too often, it is only when lives are claimed that we wake up to the persistence of realities that have no place in any democratic society.

Antigypsyism is a term used to refer to the multiple forms of biases, prejudice and stereotype that motivate the everyday discriminatory behaviour of institutions and many individuals towards Roma. Antigypsyism is a form of racial discrimination. Most antigypsyism acts are illegal and contrary to human rights, even when they are not prosecuted, and even if they are widespread and often ignored or tolerated. Antigypsyism undermines the moral fabric of societies. Democracy and human rights cannot take root where discrimination is institutionalised, tolerated or conveniently ignored.

Education plays a central role in combating and overcoming antigypsyism because the result of centuries of prejudice cannot be fought by laws and courts alone. Human rights education – learning for, through and about human rights – provides an ideal approach to raising awareness about antigypsyism and promoting a culture of universal human rights.

This manual was produced within the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Council of Europe to provide teachers, trainers and facilitators of non- formal education processes with essential information and methodological tools to address antigypsyism with young people of all ages and in any social-cultural setting. It is equally suitable for work with groups of non- Roma, Roma only, or mixed groups.

Combating antigypsyism is a task for all of us; learning about it is a necessary starting point.

As human beings we have the capability to discriminate and impose prejudice upon others. Fortunately, we are also capable to learn and change. Mirrors is a great help to help us notice this, correct distorted views and to recognise ourselves in the eyes of others.

If you wish to receive printed copies of the manual please inform us about your address of delivery, number of copies and contact person (with name, surname and phone number).We will be reciving your order by 10th May at the following email address denis.durmis[@]

- Mirrors – Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education

Advisory Council on Youth statement for the International Roma Day

The Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, representing young people in the member states of the Council of Europe, issued a statement on 8 April celebrating International Roma Day.

Acknowledging and celebrating Romani culture and heritage, the Advisory Council on Youth had also shared their concern regarding the difficult situation faced by many Roma in Europe today, including many young Roma.

They called upon European regional and local authorities and youth structures to support the efforts of young Roma to improve European youth and Roma policies and to provide means and tools for the participation of young Roma as full citizens.

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